I have been working with Cyntia for about 4 years now.  She is one of the tops in her industry and it was no surprise that she wanted to start her own company.  Her knowledge of the domain industry is amazing and keeps up with all the values and recent sales.

~ Senior Domain Broker 

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We have worked with Cyntia for several years, primarily regarding domain name acquisitions.  She is always responsive and professional and she is very knowledgeable of the acquisition and transfer process.  In dealings with domain name owners she is polite but persistent and always provides us with useful advice and insights to help the negotiations reach a successful conclusion.

~ Fred Hathaway

Partner, Dickinson Wright

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Acquisitions, Sales & Consulting

Domains & Trademarks


Cyntia is one of the most professional and trusted people I ever worked with in 20 years in this space.  I have worked on sell side and she represented a Fortune 100 Buyer buying from me.  In every phase of negotiations, contracts and closing she was flawless and we have remained working towards bigger deals and ideas  over the last 10 years.  Trust her and profit from her work and experience, her other relationships feel the same way.

~  Roland Chemtob




Cyntia did a great job acquiring

our domain name.  She helped us navigate the whole process from start to finish, and made what is usually a byzantine and stressful process feel relatively straightforward for a change.  The next time I need help with a domain, Cyntia will be my first call.

~ Braden K.


Sales & Consulting

Domains & Trademarks

Brand Management

Our company helps small- to medium-sized businesses develop their digital and mobile brands.   Over the years, we’ve developed a great partnership with Cyntia. We are technical and creative people. Cyntia brings her expertise in trademarks, patents, infringements, and brand protection to help our team avoid potentially serious mistakes for us and our clients.  Cyntia is an integral part of our team and her effective business intelligence approach helps our team to make informed business decisions - whether it’s a purchase, acquisition, or sale of intellectual properties.

~  David

Atlanta, GA


Domains & Trademarks

Brand Management/Protection & Rebranding

Cyntia's acumen, patience, and wisdom in completing substantial domain name transactions involving trademarks is peerless. For complex deals involving Intellectual Property + domain names to brand-minded buyers, Cyntia is the experienced closer you want on your team.

~ W. Blackwood 

Principal, First Place Internet, Inc.

First Place® is Internet Search 



Cyntia brings exceptional insight, experience and knowledge to Modern IP's acquisition services.  She has helped me with a number of domain and trademark acquisitions over the years and I always make sure to request her by name.  I trust Cyntia's judgment and rely on her guidance in dealing with important domain name deals.  For the most urgent acquisitions, I don't hesitate to contact Cyntia to spearhead the negotiations.  I highly recommend Cyntia and Modern IP to any company seeking IP acquisition services.

~ Russell Pangborn
Partner, Seed IP Law Group, LLP


Cyntia is a delight to work with and was very flexible in working with the various parties and navigating through our somewhat tedious process; finding a path to success in the end.

Thank you Cyntia.

~  Roy Davis

Business Development, Vectren Corporation



Cyntia assisted us as we purchased our domain. She was professional and efficient as she handled the details. I appreciated that she explained the process to us, allowing us to trust her to manage the transaction. It is clear that she is an expert in this area. I would gladly work with Cyntia again.

~  Carlee Vellinga, Colby Capital LLC

Brand Protection

Cyntia is smart, strong, adaptable, and has excellent follow through. These qualities give her the ability to anticipate and react to potential stumbling blocks and make her an excellent partner for anyone looking to complete an IP acquisition or sale. Cyntia's enthusiasm for this work and its intricacies are second to none.

~ Chris Rodermond 

Forager Investigations 


Cyntia has been a strategic partner, long-time trusted advisor and an expert in IP and domain name acquisitions.  She has been very helpful in marketing and securing valuable IP assets for my clients and I would recommend her wholeheartedly for confidential and successful domain and IP acquisitions or sales.

~  John Mauriello

Managing Partner, DomainAssets.com.



Cyntia is an expert in getting domains acquired and helped my client, a NY ad tech company looking to reposition itself, acquire a vital domain. She is thorough, expert, efficient, and incredibly effective; her guidance at each step of the domain acquisition process was spot-on, and she managed the process, and me as the client, perfectly. I cannot recommend her more highly!

~  David Atlas, GuestHop

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