Mobile devices have transformed how businesses sell products, offer services & support consumers. Apps provide on-the-go customer support, 24/7. The market is huge and growing:  Mobile media time is now 51% vs. 42% desktop.

MIP can acquire Apps

& App names

Whether you want to buy an app, or need to acquire the rights to a specific app name (Apple Store, Android Central, etc.), we can help.

MIP's IP Strategists understand how to negotiate apps/names (incl. international targets), handle technical transfers, and manage seller expectations.

A Domain Name is your brand on the internet.
It funnels customers to your virtual door - people interested in information, support & buying your fabulous product/service.  The right domain protects your brand, helps customers find you & pays marketing dividends.

 MIP specializes in domain acquisitions 

Our IP Strategists have acquired household-name domains for Fortune 50 companies, branded domains for small proprietors & trending names for startups.  No case is too big or small.

We handle gTLDs, ccTLDs, new gTLDs, domain recoveries, transfers pursuant to court judgments, leases & structured deals,  proxy auction bids, etc.

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If necessity is the Mother of invention, patents are the police officer Uncle.  Patents protect your original process, machine, article of manufacture, or compositions of matters, or improvement thereof from exploitation by anyone other than yourself or your assigns.

In other words, patents allow their registrant to bar others from using their great new process or device.

So what happens if you need to licenses or purchase the rights covered in an existing patent for your new product or service?


Call Modern IP to acquire the Patent rights you need.


We have negotiated patent assignments & license agreements, from individuals, companies, research organizations & patent aggregators.



Once you've registered your trademark & acquired your domain, it's important to secure the means to take your message directly to the people.
Social media is that tool.

Call MIP for the special rules that apply to Social Media.

MIP understands the special circumstances involved in getting the right social media handle.


The most difficult part of this acquisition is often locating the real person behind the handle.  MIP has an affiliate investigator we can bring in to help locate the man (or woman) behind the curtain.

Once the target is engaged, our IP Strategists will counsel you on strategy, price, transfer specs, and payment options.

A Trademark is the single best tool to secure the brand in which you’ve invested your heart, soul & hard-earned capital.  Securing the rights you need, however, can be a challenge.


Whether your buying a name, clearing the field for a mark, adding goods/services, or seeking an express abandonment, MIP is prepared to serve.

We grasp the nuances of TM deals.

MIP can negotiate TM purchases, abandonment, licenses and co-existence arrangements; single marks and portfolios; US and international marks with registrants both in & outside the US.


Our IP Strategists are experienced professionals ready to acquire the specific rights you require.

If it’s IP, we can acquire it.

Trade names. Images. Copyrights. Tag lines. Fonts. International marks. Audio tracks.  Source Code… … Even a NASDAQ Stock Symbol.

Our collective years of IP experience working on more than a 1,000 cases gives us unique insight. MIP’s IP Strategists are the best in the business.


Our IP Strategists are experienced professionals ready to acquire the specific rights you require.


No client is too big or too small for Modern IP.


Our negotiating skills & industry relationships get us in back doors you didn’t know existed.  Our thorough industry knowledge & professionalism get us into boardrooms and backrooms alike to get the job done.

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