Modern IP:  Intellectual Property acquisitions, consultation, management & sales

MIP acts as your agent to buy/sell the intellectual property you identify, while keeping your identity completely confidential. We provide industry-leading analysis and offer expert advice, but never forget this is your negotiation.

MIP is the most distinguished boutique IP firm you've never heard of. Our professionals have worked behind-the-scenes in numerous high-profile negotiations that will never be seen in the headlines.  We are that man - or woman - behind the curtain for you.

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IP Acquisitions:

MIP understands that you want to concentrate on your business - it makes sense to call on us when you need the specialized skills of our brandsmiths.  Our IP Strategists have demonstrated talent; strategic connections; unique skills & experience; and a deep understanding of the marketplace that are unmatched in the industry.

                 We can help you negotiate for most any IP rights, such as:                 

Domain names; Trademark registrations, licenses or co-existence agreements; Social media handles (restrictions apply); Apps or app names; Patent registrations or licenses; Developer accounts; Companies; State corporate name registrations; Images; Copyrights, Tag lines - we've even secured Stock ticker symbols.

(Contact to enquire about other intangible rights.)


We provide expert support for your own efforts: branding/naming; tactical acquisitions, divestiture of non-essential IP, negotiation strategy; or technical expertise for an existing transaction.

Our IP Strategists will supply specialized IP knowledge & skills as/when needed.

(Consult w/ us to discuss the your specific needs.)

Domain Name Sales:

We represent a limited number of hand-picked domain names for sale.

Our IP Strategists help you decide on a game plan, market the name(s), negotiate the details, handle the technical transfer, and monitor payment remittance.

(Call to discuss the potential sale of a domain or other rights.)

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