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Welcome To Modern IP

"Sweat equity is the most valuable equity there is. Know your business and industry better than anyone else in the world. Love w hat you do or don't do it." ~ Mark Cuban

I love negotiating for intellectual property. Over the past 10 years I've endeavored to learn all I can about the industry, the players & my clients' needs. So it's with great delight that I've thrown open the doors of Modern IP, LLC.

It's our goal to offer services that seamlessly and effortlessly support your goals. Clients can track their open cases in real time via web portal or mobile app. Monitoring activity & hours worked has never been easier. Established clients can open cases with a phone call or email.

Confidentiality is our middle name.

MIP specializes in IP acquisitions, sales & consulting. We can acquire: Domain Names (gTLDs, cTLDs, foreign-owned, recoveries, etc), Trademarks (purchases, licenses, co-existence, abandonment), Patents (from individuals, companies, institutions, patent aggregators), Social Media handles (we understand the limitations), Trade Names (state & local), Images, Copyrights, Apps, Tag Lines, Fonts, and more.

If it's IP we can acquire it.

We can: handle: international negotiations; facilitate court-ordered domain portfolio transfers; coordinate multi-leg, concurrent, and conditional property acquisitions; and manage brand portfolio purchases (an assemblage of IP such as - TMs, domains, customer lists & software code).

We excel at completing complex acquisitions.

Modern IP brokers a few, select domains. For those domains accepted into the brokerage, we can identify potential buyers, make discreet inquiries, negotiate sales price/ terms, and manage the escrow & registrar transfer.

Our goal is to help domains find the owner best-suited to use them.

MIP will consult on your special project to offer an expert opinion: branding/naming, analysis of a potential purchase, strategies for your on-going negotiation, and domain financing options.

Modern IP: Helping Dreams Take Flight

Call today to see how MIP can support your intellectual property program.

+1 81-ModernIP (+1 816-633-7647)

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